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As we head into the heart of holiday season, shoppers everywhere are about to be inundated with an enormous variety of advertisements. Every year there are a few marketing campaigns that stand out as memorable and maybe even delightful. Examining the anatomy of these campaigns we’re drawn to: often the goods or services being pitched are well designed or at least intriguing. The images and writing are on point to attract the viewer’s desire to buy. Every aspect of presentation comes together harmoniously. But how did the designers, writers, and marketers know it would work?

The answer is data-driven validation, sometimes called “marketing engineering.” In this newsletter we look at a new method of data analysis cooked up by the Trig Insights team, analyze the design of some 2018 holiday advertisements we’re already seeing, and follow up with a book review.

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The Destination’s in the Details

The Trig Insights team is always thinking up new ways to collect data, analyze data, present data, and use data. Whatever business questions you have, they can answer. This week we have a brand new data interpretation tool to share with you. Any product can have multiple target customers, but how can you create a design that pleases everyone without breaking the bank? It may not be as daunting a task as you might expect. It all begins with mapping the customer’s engagement journey.

Learn more here.

Holiday Ads Are Here (Already)

Don’t groan, we know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but the holiday ads are already rolling in and they illuminate some really interesting marketing trends. Do they stack up neatly to your predictions or do the design directions surprise you? The Trig marketing team takes a look at the first advertising campaigns of the 2018 holiday season. (We may also be adding things to our shopping lists while we’re at it.)

Click here to see which companies caught our eye.

The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible
Boundaries of Global Business
Author: Erin Meyer

The Culture Map is a book we couldn’t put down. There are countless anecdotes floating around the business world of cultural misunderstandings and mishaps that lead to either amusing or devastating results between otherwise well-meaning companies.

Author and business culture expert Erin Meyer takes us through navigating the awkwardness of miscommunication. Setting expectations clearly and doing some research ahead of time will put everyone in a better position to succeed.

Even if you are not in a global business, strategies used to learn about business cultures outside your own have a wide variety of benefits, even in very minor cultural swings such as going from East coast to West coast. Don’t let this book slip under your radar.

Enjoy our full review here.

© Christopher Payne /Esto

© Christopher Payne /Esto

The design and creation of everyday things is fascinating. Especially unassuming items like the common pencil we use in offices and classrooms daily. We use them up, we throw them out, we lose them, we loan them, we buy more.

Photographer Christopher Payne has created a fantastic series of images documenting the life inside one of the USA’s few pencil factories.

Read more about the surprisingly intricate process that generates the underappreciated pencil we rely on throughout our lives.

Check out the article and exclusive interview over at Colossal.

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