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We hope you’ve had a wonderful kick-off to the year. As some of us continue to formulate our New Year’s resolutions for ourselves and for our businesses, it’s important to remember our roots, and the journey that has gotten us to where we are now. Paul Spiegelman, CEO of the Small Giants Community and champion of values driven leadership, recently published a Forbes article about my own journey. It was certainly a humbling experience.

Hanging Up The Paddle: How A World-Class Athlete Reinvented Himself As An Entrepreneur. Read here it at


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How Brand Archetypes are Shaping the Cryptocurrency Market

Patrick Murphy takes us on a fascinating deep dive of the most notable brands of the cryptocurrency market. He uses the Brand Archetype framework to highlight the top 12 differentiated brands out of a pool of 180+ fintech cryptocurrency companies. It is a fascinating tour of the booming market through the lens of brand positioning. Reading Patrick’s article, it occurred to me that the cryptocurrency market is even more crowded than craft breweries - given that we were able to find open spaces for our recent work on the Tarboro Brewery Company, but there are no archetypal blank spaces for bitcoin brands. 

Crossing the Uncanny Valley at CES 2018

Boycott #Psychasec! Immortality is Immoral!! Yeah, that got my attention too. I had a blast attending the 2018 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. It gave me a roller coaster ride of despairing of humanity’s future and restoring my hope that the inevitable march of technological progress is (in some cases) thoughtfully restrained by people who value building community. Oh yeah, and there was a ridiculous gamer sword with LEDs that made a power “SHING” both when hitting an imaginary monster and on the backswing... so close yet so far. Check out the videos in the article for more. 

Podcast: Your Culture is Based on Data

I sat down with Sean Steigerwald, Co-Founder of Malartu for a great conversation about the importance of company culture for the Scaling with Data podcast. Sean is a great interviewer who   did an amazing job mixing the recording into an engaging story.  Definitely check it out and be sure to leave a review on iTunes.

Your Culture is Built on Data - Ty Hagler podcast

Your Culture is Built on Data - Ty Hagler podcast

Why Developing Company Culture is Critical to Your Success (part one)

How to Improve Company Culture with the EOS Model  (part two)

These Malartu articles build on our podcast conversation and take you on a deeper dive into the practical steps of EOS and the values-driven leadership philosophy of the Small Giants community.  

What we're reading

What Matters by Andrew DiMeo Our friend Andrew has been wrestling with this idea for a while and findally found his Eureka! moment. Before you can have an idea, before you can find a solution, you must first understand the problem. How you define the problem has a number of definitions in the innovation space, some helpful, others ridiculously locked in semantic arguments. With Andrew’s What Matters concept and framework, he presents a pathway through understanding problems of significance that has the poetic chime of a bell. 

 Start with Why: by Simon Sinek Normally, when reading a book, we write a book review on our blog and link to it. I had been reading this book, then shared it with Andrew DiMeo following his What Matters Post. I think Andrew devoured the book in a day as a companion to his What Matters framework. Given his enthusiasm and awesome insights, we are excited to link to Andrew’s take on Start with Why.

Case studies

410 Medical LifeFlow Rapid Infuser

We have been very fortunate to have been part of the 410 Medical success story.  Check out our case study describing the work that led to a successful lifesaving product launch and a 2016 IDEA award.

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