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It’s nice to be back in action after New Years. We hope everyone had some time off and made great memories with friends and family. 2019 is a year full of promise. What are you going to make this year that didn’t exist before? New ideas, new art, new stories, new inventions? Resolutions don’t only have to be about self improvement; they can be about world improvement too. In this newsletter we talk about many great things on the horizon.

Trig New Year 2019 Innovation Horizon

Exploring Strategy Games

We recently wrapped up our annual strategy game workshop. While we followed a preset EOS format for our annual meeting last year, this year we set out to Explore Prototype Build a better strategy process that fits our unique culture. The past six months have been spent analyzing best practices and setting goals for what we wanted out of this time. The end result was an amazing experience that renewed the bonds of our culture, stretched our abilities, built an antifragile vision of the future, and helped each team member discover their role in making that future a reality. Oh yeah, and we took art breaks to design multicolor print portraits of each other. Coolest strategy session ever. 

A full write up can be found here.

Title: Thinking in Bets
Author: Annie Duke

Everyone is prone to logical fallacies. It’s an unfortunate but completely natural part of being human. As we’re all attempting to better ourselves this year, it’s a good idea to review how we make decisions. Author Annie Duke has a completely revolutionary way to approach decisions in situations when you don’t have complete information. Describing difficult business conundrums in the context of poker puts a fresh spin on tasks that are usually incredibly daunting. Make better choices with the help of Thinking in Bets. This simple shift in mindset can improve rationale utilized in every part of a reader’s life.

Read more here.

Design Thinking vs. Design Process

Veteran design expert Dr. Andrew DiMeo is back to talk even more theory. What is the difference between design thinking and design process? With overwhelming amounts of industry lingo out in the wild it can be challenging to keep up with which terms mean what. Our recent article explaining the differences between design thinking and human centered design was so popular that we decided to keep providing explanations for easily misunderstood terminology.

Learn more about design thinking and design process.

See and Be Seen

Sunscreenr and Zeiss have formed a dream team to create brand new lens assessment technology. Trig’s own senior industrial designer Patrick Murphy led the design of C-UV400: a tablet that can visually display the ultraviolet protection in any pair of glasses. The human eye is delicate enough that even a small amount of extra UV shielding can make an enormous difference in the health of our skin and eyes.

Read about this revolutionary technology and Zeiss’ press release here.

Publisher Phaidon has created a masterpiece of a book. In Destination Art one can find photo listings of beautiful installations in 300 different cities across the world. Make the resolution to travel more. There is so much inspiration to be found no matter where you go, but if you need an intriguing expedition prompt Destination Art is a meritable source from which to gather ideas. Refresh your mind and prepare to do all the great work you’re meant to accomplish this year.

Take a closer look at Destination Art here.

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