Right Things, More Time?

My father is a wise man. When facing a challenge, he often poses the question, “Are we doing the right things and need more time, or do we need to make a change?” It is a good question to ask that can simplify otherwise murky situations. As someone who prefers change, this question reminds me to slow down and be patient - let the plan come to fruition. For others, the question might prompt the realization that change is needed.

I had a humbling example happen to me last week, where I was in a hurry to get to a client meeting. On my way into the parking deck, I heard the sound of a car driving over a metal plate or expansion joint. “That’s odd,” I thought, and kept driving. Soon, I heard the sound repeatedly, timed with the speed of my vehicle. “Am I doing the right things?” Well, I got out of my car and realized I still had the cargo carrier on top of the car from our family vacation the prior week. Clearly a change was needed, so I quickly pulled it off the car and stored it inside the vehicle before continuing on. Fortunately the carrier only had cosmetic damage, but could have been much worse had I not paused to diagnose the situation.

This Outrigger looks at examples of diagnosing whether change is needed. We learn from Dr DiMeo on how to prototype and from Patrick Murphy on the value of a daily discipline. We’re sharing the exciting fruition of two client projects that have each taken several years to become publicly available. Clearly knowing when to change and when to stay the course can have compounding benefits over a long time horizon.

Andrew DiMeo at Hangar6 meetup presenting on prototype methods

Andrew DiMeo gave an awesome talk at Hangar6 a few days ago where he shared our insider tips on using good design thinking principles to the prototyping process. If you happened to miss Andrew’s talk, definitely check out his article, Prototyping - What, Why, and How, with distilled thoughts as fine as aged rye whiskey.

What is Hangar6 you ask? Some say it is a secret lab where lightning is captured in a bottle - daily. It might be more clean and well-organized than Santa’s workshop. In reality, Hangar6 is a unique advanced rapid prototyping facility with precision tools including 3D large format printers, Fusion 400 3D printer, metal fiber laser, and CNC full scale production milling machine. Access to the facility is available to member companies who want to get in on the advanced manufacturing game without making the investment in equipment. Sam Dirani, the shop manager and all-around great guy, is happy to give tours if you want to stop by. We’ve certainly been able to make magic happen thanks to Hangar6.

BrightLoc - crowdfunding for startups

Speaking of magic prototyped at Hangar6…

BrightLoc! Originating from the Product Innovation Lab at NC State as a student team that included Brian Himelright, we’re thrilled to be launching the Kickstarter campaign this month. Be sure to follow along on Facebook to help support the launch an awesome people and planet-friendly new product.

A Guidebook to Intellectual Property

Almost every new client conversation we have includes the topic of intellectual property. We created the guidebook to be a resource to anyone interested in sharing and protecting their work in a variety of different situations. Andrew DiMeo and Connie Tran did a great job pulling this together. We appreciate the critical review provided by our patent attorney colleagues to make this a great reference guide. It’s definitely worth a read. You may be surprised to find your assumptions challenged on what is actually needed to protect your ideas:

Patrick Murphy instagram industrial design sketch

Sketch a Day Celebrity

Our own Patrick Murphy is becoming something of an Instagram sensation after having committed to posting a sketch a day, starting October 23rd, which makes this 169 days so far.  His work is always amazing, but it has been so fun to see awesome on a daily basis. (No pressure Patrick) We’re cheering him on to reach his goal of a sketch a day for 1 year!

Project Moray Medical Device Industrial Design Sketch

Case Study: Project Moray

Project Moray is a catheterized robotic surgical device that allows for mitral valve replacement, which the procedure was previously only possible via open heart surgery. Accessing the mitral valve requires navigating a maze that single degree of freedom tools can’t get there. Using robotic micro actuators and an intuitive surgeon control experience, Project Moray has multiple degrees of freedom to precisely position the new valve with minimal invasion to the patient. Enjoy our case study and watch the videos included to be blown away by this exciting advancement!

Ty Hagler and Andrew DiMeo at Innovate Carolina 2019

Innovate Carolina 2019

We had a blast at this year’s conference in Charlotte learning about digital transformation. The Carolinas chapter of PDMA is one of the largest and most active of any in the international community of innovators. We were thrilled to sponsor this year’s student competition, the award being a mix of cash and consulting services to guide them along a similar path as previous award-winner, BrightLoc. Congratulations to the student team winners: UroSolutions, Ulcerve, PowerTrek, and SipClip! We hope you stay the course on an already successful journey to join the innovation community.

Until next time,

Ty Hagler

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