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The Killer Experiment

This might sound like the start of a joke, but what happens when a virtual company meets in person? We found out recently by getting together for our annual meeting. As it turns out, we can be quite productive in personrefining our vision for the next 10 and 100 years, as well as tackling the key challenges we face today as a growing organization. As a result of our efforts to step back and think about where we want to go, you’ll be seeing a lot of changes at Trig in the coming months.

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Paddling Through CES and Cryptocurrency

We hope you’ve had a wonderful kick-off to the year. As some of us continue to formulate our New Year’s resolutions for ourselves and for our businesses, it’s important to remember our roots, and the journey that has gotten us to where we are now

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Are You an Innovation Broker?

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to generate new ideas faster than they can spit them out?  How are they able to consistently create original concepts that are both novel and meaningful?  Imagine how much more creative you would be if you learned their secret. 

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