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What We Owe Each Other

We all make big investments in the people around us. Money, time, information, service. How can we know our resources are being well spent? In this edition of The Outrigger we examine the investment of generosity as a mindset, explain how much industrial design costs in a more literal sense, and review a book on anti-procrastination techniques so that your time can be spent wisely.

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Resolutions // Revolutions

It’s nice to be back in action after New Years. We hope everyone had some time off and made great memories with friends and family. 2019 is a year full of promise. What are you going to make this year that didn’t exist before? New ideas, new art, new stories, new inventions? Resolutions don’t only have to be about self improvement; they can be about world improvement too. In this newsletter we talk about many great things on the horizon.

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