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Insights: Data-Validated Decisions

As we head into the heart of holiday season, shoppers everywhere are about to be inundated with an enormous variety of advertisements. Every year there are a few marketing campaigns that stand out as memorable and maybe even delightful. Examining the anatomy of these campaigns we’re drawn to: often the goods or services being pitched are well designed or at least intriguing. The images and writing are on point to attract the viewer’s desire to buy. Every aspect of presentation comes together harmoniously. But how did the designers, writers, and marketers know it would work? The answer is data-driven validation, sometimes called “marketing engineering.”

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Cookie Monster and Creative Performance

The paradox of ideation is something our team chats about often and a driving force behind our updated core values (see below for more on that).  High team performance is critical to success but groups are inferior to individuals with regard to creative performance. This paradox is exactly what inspired our virtual ideation program.

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