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The Art of Answering Questions

Unmet needs + curiosity is a catalyst for innovation. Your business is answering questions for people by creating solutions, or quite literally answering questions by spreading information and resources. If you haven’t reflected on your consumers’ needs recently, let’s do so together. In this issue we explore many questions and many answers.

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Insights: Data-Validated Decisions

As we head into the heart of holiday season, shoppers everywhere are about to be inundated with an enormous variety of advertisements. Every year there are a few marketing campaigns that stand out as memorable and maybe even delightful. Examining the anatomy of these campaigns we’re drawn to: often the goods or services being pitched are well designed or at least intriguing. The images and writing are on point to attract the viewer’s desire to buy. Every aspect of presentation comes together harmoniously. But how did the designers, writers, and marketers know it would work? The answer is data-driven validation, sometimes called “marketing engineering.”

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AI Decision Problems

I recently got obsessed with a game that could have come from an MBA Operations class simulator. The premise is simple enough - manage cash flow, manufacturing, and supply chain to provide enough paper clips to meet demand. Along the way, you start using artificial intelligence to automate some tasks. The problem becomes, the more tasks you delegate to the AI to make manufacturing easier, the faster you bring about the downfall of humanity. 

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