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Paddling Through CES and Cryptocurrency

We hope you’ve had a wonderful kick-off to the year. As some of us continue to formulate our New Year’s resolutions for ourselves and for our businesses, it’s important to remember our roots, and the journey that has gotten us to where we are now

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The Next Billion Dollar Tinkerer

Last year ASUS introduced a 3D printing project in which they provide CAD files through community forums for printable components that can be installed on ASUS products. In our latest thought piece, we dive into the idea that ASUS and other hardware companies could use this open-source methodology, along with 3D printing, to fundamentally accelerate the advances of our hardware world and bring the design process to the consumer. 

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We Haven't Stopped Learning from Hot Wheels and Card Games

Does it seem like every Disney movie is the same? They are. We've seen the hero save the girl hundreds of times throughout human history, we know what's going to happen, but we still pay millions of dollars a month to keep consuming the same story. It's no coincidence. It's science, and it's called archetyping.

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