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Going about our business as working adults in the year 2018 often means dividing focus between more tasks than ever while also having less time than ever. How do we find happy mediums? Let's start with the thing Trig knows best: Designing a workplace culture that doesn't take excellence for granted while still pushing our teams beyond their prior capabilities. Then we move on to balance in product design and how to know when you've added enough features, or maybe it's time to call it done.

We wrap up by sharing a case study from a recently completed branding project that’s been one of our core focuses for the past few months, and we are thrilled to showcase the completely new and improved Shoelaces Express. Read on, friends. 

Coordinating Company Cultural Consensus

What do you do when all the things that make team members great... are qualities that everyone on your team has? ("Oh no, what a burden" you'll say sarcastically.) However, take this opportunity to ask yourself how you can push your workplace's cultural values to new heights.

We’ve been reading A Stake in the Outcome by Jack Stack and as it turns out, workplace culture is the biggest differentiator. Is your team on board with the values currently? If everyone is in harmony, what further steps can you take to define an even better vision for your company's future?

Fine Lines

Finding precisely the right balance in art between too much going on visually vs. not enough can be a real challenge even to the highly trained eye. In product design it's easy to get stuck in a place where you may be adding features for no reason. Features that will do more to bog down the user experience than enhance ease of use.

For inspiration we look to the Pareto Principle and the timeless look of the tuxedo to guide our thinking on when minimalism is a tool we can wield for the greatest possible impact. Let your creation tell a story, and ensure every aesthetic decision ties into that goal. What are your creations trying to tell the world?

Case Study: Shoelaces Express

A rather sizable family-owned and operated business came to Trig with a challenge: A total brand overhaul complete with a new shop website. The original visual brand language had become outdated and the shopping checkout process left a lot of room for improvement. We were, of course, thrilled to see what we could do to breathe new life into Shoelaces Express. The results are astounding.

Future Cakes Now

Designer and baking extraordinaire Dinara Kasko delights her audience with geometrically inspired cakes that look almost too perfect to be real food. Smooth planes and crisp edges take humble pastry concepts and elevate them into edible artworks.

Colossal has been doing (approximately) yearly update articles on new Kasko designs, the newest of which can be explored here. If you can’t get enough of these otherworldly desserts, you’ll be excited to know that a selection of designs are available as silicone molds you can buy for your own kitchen creation projects. Happy baking!

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Ty Hagler
Trig Innovation

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