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Since we last spoke, we finished college, gained two new stellar teammates, and celebrated one much-deserved promotion. Not bad, if I do say so myself. 

As a service to our readers, if the sun happens to disappear on Monday, don't freak out. Yes, a dark shadow will be moving across the continental United States at a speed of 2,955 mph when it hits Newport Oregon, slowing to 1,502 mph when it surrounds Charleston, SC at 2:47 EST.

Space Shuttle Crash Earth Gif

No, it's not a super-galactic alien spaceship bent on Earth's destruction, just the moon crossing in front of the sun. Eclipses occur thanks to a unique scientific coincidence that the Moon and the Sun have the same “angular size,” that is the Sun is 400 times wider than the Moon, but is also 400 times farther away. That coincidence makes these celestial orbs appear to be the same size in the Earth’s sky.  Before you go outside to look at the sun to make sure its not aliens, please wear proper glasses to protect those retinas.

Meet Our Team Banner Congrats Ladies

Let's Hear It for the Ladies

Connie Tran, Brand and Marketing Manager

We're proud to announce Connie Tran has been promoted to Brand and Marketing Manager. Connie has been instrumental to Trig's growth, not only with keeping our clients happy, but has led the way on updating our brand, positioning, and online presence.  Connie is a tireless champion of making sure we hold the line on each project and for building a strong company culture. If you haven't seen the magic she's been working on the Trig website, check it out here

Kelly Harrigan, Trend and Innovation Manager

Kelly Harrigan has joined our team as Trend and Innovation Manager. Kelly brings fresh perspective to the team in sophisticated trend development and new practices for facilitating ideation sessions.  In joining the Trig team, Kelly adds yet another dimension of top-level industry talent.  At Trig, we live and breathe cultivating an enduring culture that attracts the best and brightest, and we look forward to her leadership and the impact she will make for our clients. Kelly will be responsible for leading customer research studies, organizing and facilitating ideation sessions, as well as pioneering our services with trend research and trend field trips. Read more here.

Ashley Whitley, Project Manager

Ashley Whitley has joined our team as Project Manager. Ashley joins the Trig team at the perfect time. Her expertise in project management and confidence as a leader has gracefully challenged us to commit to standard processes that help us keep track of our critical numbers.  She has patiently picked up the project management responsibilities that had otherwise been addressed through ad hoc efforts.  Her steady guidance and persistent attention to detail will be critical to Trig's continued commitment to excellence as we reach our next phase of growth. Read more here.

I think it goes without saying but I'll say it anyway: We. Are. Pumped. Can't wait to see what our team can do with the leadership of these impressive and inspiring people. 

Coulter College 2017 Review

Coulter College in Review

We had an awesome time at Coulter College last week working with rising undergraduate seniors from twelve international Biomedical Engineering college programs. The student convened in Georgia to see who could develop the best medical device and investor pitch. 

I got the design day kicked off with a talk on brainstorming and creative performance. We introduced the students to the discipline of Industrial Design and walked the group through several tips and techniques to be more creative and have better ideation sessions.

You can see the highlight reel from that talk and our lessons learned here. (spoiler alert, it's 6 seconds long and I'm on camera saying "oogah boogah"). 

Qualitative Quantitative Crayon Circle Newsletter

Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

Let's talk about the difference between qualitative and quantitative research, since this is one of our top performing articles.

Quantitative research is concerned with the measurements of a market. Areas of study can include the size of a market, the make up of market segments, purchase frequencies, general awareness of brands, distribution levels, etc.

Qualitative information is harder to define but the emphasis is on understanding rather than measurement. For example, quantitative research may tell you that product A is recalled more often than product B, but how does A function as a product and why is it more effective than B?

Quantitative and qualitative research work in tandem when used in the most effective way. The qualitative element frequently takes place first, exploring traits that need to be measured in the subsequent quantitative phase. The result is downright awesome research.

If you like research even half as much as we do, revisit our post here.

What We're Reading

  • Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World by Adam Grant

    • With Originals, Adam Grant explores how innovators see the world differently and bring others into their success.  It is not the high school valedictorians who go on to change the world, Grant argues, since their very success signals that they have perfected following and benefiting from the existing system.  By contrast, it is the highly creative children that teachers tend to discriminate against, labeling them as troublemakers.  Read more here...

  • The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki

    • James Surowiecki of the New Yorker explores the concept of large groups being smarter than an elite few. He says that no matter how brilliant your top executives are and despite being better at problem solving, innovating, and wise decision making, huge groups, think the customer base, always offer better solutions. Read more here...

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