Olympics Training and Our Product Design Process

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Think Creativity Stems from the "Right Brain?” Think Again.

For a long time people have referred to playing musical instruments or meditating as a way to stimulate your "right brain" and, in turn, boost creativity. While those are, in fact, ways to boost creativity, it is not exclusive to just the right half of your brain and unless you're playing the drums, you'll need a bit more movement to maximize the effect. 

In our latest piece penned by yours truly, I explore the recent scientific discovery that creativity is sparked from a combination of using both sides of the brain. With this new finding, it is confirmed that creativity can be boosted by stimulating all quadrants of the brain, not just the left or right. What's the best way to stimulate your whole brain? Moving your arms and legs. A bunch. You know, like exercising.

In this post, dive into how training for the olympic trials helped to inspire our product design process and how that basically makes us the coolest design firm you could possibly find. 

Full post here. 

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Growing With Purpose

If you enjoy the post above, you'll also enjoy this podcast I was recently featured in. We touch on the concept of exercising to boost creativity along with a whole bunch of other interesting things like:

  • A significant emotional event that has shaped my leadership approach: [25:30]

  • What book influences my leadership style: [42:34]

  • I'm stranded on an island, this is what I'll take: [43:40]

Pop in some headphones, check out our notes, and listen to the podcast here

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Cool Hunting

Ever wonder how marketers get plugged into the most recent, fastest growing trends? It's a job called Cool Hunting and it's more scientific than it sounds. 

Our brilliant intern, Sophia, talks about how, from a behavioral perspective, different groups of people pick up trends at different stages of the trend cycle. From the Devil Wears Prada to the Baltimore Orioles, check out this post to understand when and why different groups adopt different things. 

Check out the full post here for more.

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  • Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore Geoffrey A. Moore’s Crossing the Chasm reveals the steps necessary to make your product surpass the “fad” phase. It is an essential read if you want to learn how to strategically place your product in a niche market, and become the next big thing. It teaches you to think from your customer’s perspective: what they want and what their values are.

  • The War of Art by Steven Pressfield A concise, appealing, and applicable guide for succeeding in any creative sphere, The War of Art is nothing less than Sun-Tzu for the creative, not warring, soul.

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