Trig or Treat!

Cute Pumpkin Trig or Treat

Happy Halloween Trig fans! We hope all of you and your families have a safe and spooky week ahead. In this issue Trig has predicted the state of medical innovation for the upcoming new year, and composed some insights into the very valuable question of “why.” (Which we guarantee you are not asking enough.) Also, If you have any innovative pumpkin carving designs, we would love to see pictures so send those our way!

Looking Ahead to 2019

Working in innovation means scouting the horizon for upcoming opportunities, challenges, and triumphs. What is the next year going to bring for the healthcare industry? Will today’s problems be solved, or will there still be lingering questions yet unanswered?

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A Lesson in Why

Dr. Andrew DiMeo talks about the question “why" and how we should be asking it a whole lot more to reveal subtle truths about ourselves, our work, and our daily lives. Every process has a whole hierarchy of “whys” to go through before we even get to the “hows.” It’s easy to forget the base motivations behind things we do day in and day out, but taking a moment to reflect on those reasons and dig down deep once in a while is important for clarity. You may even surprise yourself.

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Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance
Author: Angela Duckworth

Millennials are sick of hearing “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” philosophies, so trust us, that’s not what this is. Author Angela Duckworth describes her personal experiences and years of research into what qualities add up to a successful person. Natural talent, as it turns out, is difficult to quantify and our perception of it skews the way we perceive other people and the way we view ourselves. Grit teaches us the value of good old fashioned effort and how it stacks up against talent.

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Pixel Perfect

Artist Han Hsu Tung captures the natural beauty of the organic world in sculpture, while intertwining a contemporary pixelated aesthetic. Cranes with necks intertwined gracefully become as curious as they are lovely with bits of beak and feather floating away in cubes. A stoic warrior, dismantled as he gazes on in silence. All of the pieces are a sight to behold.

Take a look here.

Trig Pumpkin Evolution: Logo History 2012 to Now

Trig has gone through a few logo reimaginings over the years. The pumpkin on the left is our very first logo, and the pumpkin to the right was carved this year. In honor of these fantastic Trig pumpkins, we’ve written a brief history of Trig’s visual branding logo journey.

See how far we’ve come here.

Trig Innovation Logo Pumpkin Circa 2012

Trig Innovation Logo Pumpkin Circa 2012

Trig Logo Pumpkin 2018

Trig Logo Pumpkin 2018

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