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We all make big investments in the people around us. Money, time, information, service. How can we know our resources are being well spent? In this edition of The Outrigger we examine the investment of generosity as a mindset, explain how much industrial design costs in a more literal sense, and review a book on anti-procrastination techniques so that your time can be spent wisely.

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You may have noticed that our newsletter looks a little different than usual. Trig has upgraded to a new email marketing platform that better serves our client needs. With a new look comes a new name. Learn where the name The Outrigger comes from, and how Trig got its name.

What Is the Origin of the Name Trig?

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You Get What You Give

Focusing on finance over people drives businesses into ruin. There are times to tighten the budget, but the wellbeing of employees and clients cannot come last. Pouring resources into your team is the same as pouring resources into your future.

Innovation is Generous


A Numbers Game

Do you have an idea for a product but have no clue what design and production are going to cost? Ty Hagler breaks down ways to predict the amount of money you can expect to spend depending on situational variables. 

How Much Does It Cost to Launch a Product from Concept to Market


Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy is a quick read with tons of strategies on curbing procrastination and getting more done in a day. Make a habit of getting the big tasks out of the way first. Your whole life will change.

Read Our Review

Innovation From the Web: Sew-Gramming

Colossal features an article showcasing a programmable 8-bit computer crafted with embroidery techniques. We would say that artist Irene Posch combines art and technology seamlessly, but...

The Embroidered Computer

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