At Trig®, we define marketing as demand management.  Trig’s core specialty is industrial design innovation and ideation, with strong experience in brand development for new products and services, and marketing plans for patent-pending introductions.

As we originally developed 3-D CAD designs and prototypes for clients who were at a pre-launch phase for a new product, we received regular requests to undertake naming, logo design, marketing messaging, and sales collateral work because we had already developed a significant partnership with our clients and were as close to the product as they were. Additionally, they voiced it would move them to market faster than collaborating with multiple agencies, and they liked guarding confidential product information to a closely-managed group of participants.

From that point, we became brand architects, as well as industrial designers. We built our agency to offer long-term brand-building services. With Trig® Innovation, Trig® Design, and Trig® Marketing, we can partner with clients on a full scope of services, including: product development, naming, brand identity, trade and channel strategy, core marketing messaging, corporate communications (company news/blogs, social media, and media/public relations), video and animation, website design and development, trade show signage and collateral, and financial modeling.

Once a product launches, we also offer a suite of services focused on short-term sales drivers, centered on a philosophy of Revenue Performance Management (RPM). With RPM, we measure the effectiveness of the client's promotional mix through the sales pipeline, as various channels generate and nurture leads, eventually converting prospects into sales. This process models a more efficient allocation of advertising and promotional investments, ultimately drawing direct lines between these investments and increased sales.