Virtual Ideation Subscription

Traditionally, ideation sessions pull together people from across a company for an intense day or two to creatively solve big problems. We've got a better solution.

We have led ideation sessions and participated as visual scribes or illustration experts since our founding nearly 10 years ago. While we have learned a lot from coaching better creative performance from our ideation participants, the traditional model isn't truly optimized for creative output.

Revolutionize your ideation sessions

Virtual ideation, by contrast, takes advantage of the best of both individual and team creative dynamics. Over the past 9 months, we have experimented with a variety of techniques to maximize creative output in the virtual context and have been consistently amazed with the results we're seeing for our trailblazing clients. Oh, the places you’ll go, when you're focused on your customers.

Don't let innovation be a one-time event

When properly put into practice, innovation is not a one-time event, but a consistent process of exploration, discovery, divergence, convergence, prototyping, and testing. Too often, ideation sessions are a one-time event that generate lots of ideas that filter down to a select few, while the rest get discarded or forgotten.

It's why we've developed the new Virtual Ideation Services Subscription

With our new virtual ideation subscription, Trig can offer select clients a predictable schedule for activating the customer insights through ideation—all in a process where participants can join from across the world. What's more, clients will have the ability to maintain a permanent AND searchable digital record of each ideation session.