Voice of Customer Research

Let your customer be your guide

As part of our mission to shape products and shape markets, Trig Innovation sets the tone for marketplace entry with voice of customer research services.  Whether you’re searching for the right timing for disruptive ideas or testing your concepts as new market alternatives, customer research illuminates the path forward in product and service development.

Our diverse team of professionals brings multiple perspectives to the table, establishing a baseline for market performance that drives form, function, and launch strategy.  Trig’s work in this area includes traditional market research, behavioral mapping, and trend analysis to deliver comprehensive voice of customer research services. 

Market Research

Market research provides crucial context to the understanding of your customer's wants, needs, and purchasing habits.  Our development team derives actionable insights from research that identify key driving factors of your customer's purchasing behavior to ensure the formulation of an impactful design intent and marketing strategy.

Voice of Customer Research Report
  • Trend Research

  • Trend Analysis

  • Trend Forecasting

  • Market Validation

  • Product Positioning


Experience Insight

We develop intimate understanding of users by studying every moment of their usage process. From functional wants and needs to emotional wants and needs, we capture it all and maintain our design intent's focus on what matters most:  Design that makes people happy and keeps them coming back for more.

  • Behavioral Mapping

  • Process Mapping

  • Contextual Interviews

  • User Profile Construction (Detailed Personas)

  • Core Dimensions Discovery

  • Shop-alongs

  • Shadowing

  • Home Visits

  • Photo Journals

  • Guerrilla Observation

  • Ergonomic Analysis

Voice of Customer Research Personas and Contextual Interviews

Concept Validation

Find out what customers really think about your design, pricing, features, and use scenarios.  Our development team employs both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to assess how target audiences respond to each product concept.  We process feedback into actionable design insights that lead to refined and informed products and services that consumers will love. 

Voice of customer research concept validation


  • Concept Validation

  • Qualitative Research Methods (the How, What, and Why)

  • Quantitative Research Methods (the How Many)