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Industrial designers see the world not as it is, but as in might be. As young designers graduate and work with professionals from other disciplines, we get surprised to learn that the perpetual mental game of asking, “what if?” or “how might we?” is fairly uncommon. In recent years, popular business media has come to appreciate this mindset as Design Thinking. The beauty of Design Thinking is that it is not reserved for the elite few, but is a teachable skill to be gained by anyone with a growth mindset. We invite you to learn with us as we navigate a whole universe of possibilities.

No two industrial design projects are the same. We work with you to clarify your vision for a better product, a better service, a better user experience a better brand. Together we will define objectives and navigate the exact steps necessary to move closer to your goals. As the saying goes, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” The Trig® project cadence follows a consistent arc of Explore, Prototype, Build.

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Finding needs, gaining insights. Great product design doesn’t just happen with a sudden idea and a pen that brings it into reality. Proper course navigation requires thorough understanding of management objectives, consumer desires, and clear vision of the competitive landscape, all revealed through intelligent customer research. We engage in fearless brainstorming sessions with our team. Innovation begins when great ideas join together harmoniously to produce something unlike the world has ever seen. Every adventurer needs a map though, and we don’t go into projects without having set down clear targets for our aspirations.


Taking the best ideas from exploration stage, Trig® fuses and optimizes them to form the blueprint for the “big picture.” Concept refinement is where the magic happens. Driven by our own design instincts, open feedback from clients, and rigorous internal critiques, Trig® delivers solutions that are smart, relevant, and when called for, drop-dead gorgeous. This is the phase where meticulous testing verifies concept viability using mockups before moving on to finalized product design.


Trig® can drive new product concepts to the next level of development. Whether our clients need drool-worthy digital renderings for investor meetings, a highly functional prototype for user research, or fully production-ready CAD designed for manufacture, Trig® has the knowledge and skill to deliver breathtaking results.

It is through our industrial design work that one can see that design is not simply a living for us, but a way of life. With rigorous training and education from the nation’s top industrial design firms, over a decade of experience designing in a broad range of industries, and a relentless desire to deliver the absolute best to both clients and consumers, Trig® is ready to help bring your ideas to life.

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Ty Hagler, and Trig Innovation, has never failed to impress. His designs are cutting edge, yet stay true to the fundamental intent of the product concept. His knowledge of product ideation and design processes is exemplary and his ability to see and address technical concerns early in the product development cycle is an invaluable asset. Ty has always shown himself to be an excellent communicator and team builder. I would gladly hire Ty, and Trig, again for future new product development projects.
— John Rudolph, Director of Product Engineering at The Home Depot
The team at Trig are outstanding industrial design engineers. Ty is an excellent project manager getting the concepts done quickly and with excellent communication. I will continue to work with Ty and his team for a long time.
— Jim Zalzalah, Director of Innovation at Plews & Edelmann
We involved Trig very early in the process and they were a key development partner for LifeFlow. They were easy to communicate with, met their schedule and cost deliverables, and allowed us to quickly deliver a LifeFlow device which has been well received by clinicians. People frequently use the word ‘approachable’ to describe LifeFlow. Trig’s work really enabled that from both a human factors and aesthetic perspective.
— Galen Robertson, 410 Medical COO

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