Sunscreenr UV Camera



Sunscreenr is the first product from Voxelight, a startup company focused on developing products that utilize the hidden properties of light. Trig helped turn Sunscreenr into a reality with the IDEA Award winning design of a simple & rugged specialty viewer that allows you to see protection from UV rays. 


When you look through Suncreenr, protected skin appears dark and unprotected skin appears light. It helps everyone to properly apply sunscreen, and to see exactly where sunscreen has worn thin from sweat, swimming, or even just playing with the kids.

Sunscreenr is the only product on the planet able to help answer such sun safety questions as: “Have I covered my back?” or “Have I fully protected my toddler?”
Sunscreenr allows you to see protection from skin cancer.


However, having to pull out a clunky and fragile camera at the beach to check your squirmy kids’ coverage before they run off would be a non-starter. With no other product like this on the market, our client provided us with open whitespace to design. But what aesthetic would be right for Sunscreenr?

voxelight sketch 1 copy.jpg

We approached the challenge in stages, first by visualizing the user scenario and then dealing with the critical features and internal component size constraints. This had to be a device that was small and lightweight enough to carry with a bottle of sunscreen, yet not so tiny as to be subsumed into the vastness of a sandy beach bag.

Client feedback at each stage became guideposts as we navigated through the whitespace.
The design evolved into its final form.

Prototype and concept development long image.jpg

Rounds of prototyping to test size, use, and carrying method when hands are greasy from sunscreen.

CAD development around internal parts and design for manufacture to ensure waterproof compliance.

Rubberized outer made resistant to sunscreen ingredients that are known to degrade plastics.

The Sunscreenr literally makes the invisible visible.


LifeFlow Rapid Infuser



The collaboration of 410 Medical's healthcare expertise and Trig's pragmatic design approach culminated in the IDEA award winning LifeFlow Rapid Infuser. The LifeFlow provides rapid, intuitive, and controlled fluid delivery unlike any device in the industry, through its simple and precise one handed operation.


The innovative design simplifies a three-handed fluid administration procedure, typically executed by two people, to a single-handed exercise, which can be performed by a single health care professional. With the ability to deliver 500ml of fluid in less than 2.5 minutes, recovery is greatly enhanced during medical emergencies such as sepsis, anaphylaxis, dehydration, cardiac arrest, and others. 
The LifeFlow is quick and easy to use in any situation.


Rapid Infusion Redefined Through Design and Engineering

When Dr. Mark Piehl of 410 Medical approached us with this idea, we knew it was a "game-changer"

sketch mashup pages.jpg

While working with the 410 Medical design team, we took a ground up approach in designing the LifeFlow. The internal function of the device required precision while the external aesthetics needed to communicate urgency and ease of use.

Concept development began with sketching and mock-ups to determine the ergonomics, design language, and size of the product. We continued with CAD and full scale prototype fabrication to test internal function and performance.

A cam-follower mechanism was implemented to achieve fast and accurate 10ml of fluid with each pull. The caregiver can count the pulls and know exactly how much fluid has been administered. 
The process resulted in a simple design that is easily recognizable and understood.

We involved Trig very early in the process and they were a key development partner for LifeFlow. They were easy to communicate with, met their schedule and cost deliverables, and allowed us to quickly deliver a LifeFlow device which has been well received by clinicians. People frequently use the word “approachable” to describe LifeFlow, and Trig’s work really enabled that aesthetic.
— Galen Robertson, 410 Medical COO
Galen Robertson image.jpg

Potty Hero - Toilet Trainer

Potty Hero - Toilet Trainer

In 2016, a client challenged us to build an electronic potty training device that was focused on providing positive reinforcement of toiletry good habits in little boys. Crafting a fun and encouraging learning experience was our number one focus. Industrial design and graphic design needed to come together seamlessly to produce an experience that every Potty Hero user deserved. 

Redbud Labs Stage

Redbud Labs Stage

Trig worked with Redbud Labs of Chapel Hill, NC to develop their Stage device. The benchtop system combines a driver for their microfluidic mixing chip, MXR, with precise thermal control to accelerate microarray assays - a crucial step in the preparation of laboratory tests and clinical diagnostics, and a process traditionally plagued by slow speed and poor results. The process pioneered by the Stage enables microarray mixing up to 10 times faster than other methods. 

TBC Beer Label Design and Brand Identity

TBC Beer Label Design and Brand Identity

The client came to Trig with a dream of reviving the old tobacco town of Tarboro, NC through their brewery, but needed branding and packaging that would communicate their vision to create a beer that brings you home again and again.

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