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Industrial design for the iconic products of our generation.

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+ Ideation

Insights and ideation services ranging from strategic focus to business opportunity assessment.

 Industrial Design Digital Sketching

Product Design
+ Development

Trig's product design services range from inspiration to manufacture-ready CAD files.  

 Brand Asset Management

Brand Asset

Trig's "BAM" services range from company vision to brand identity.  


Process of innovation


As experts throughout the entire design process, we're well-acquainted with the ever-dynamic nature of the insight-to-commercialization process. We've got you covered in all areas.


John Rudolph, Director of Product Engineering at The Home Depot

"Trig's designs are cutting edge, yet stay true to the fundamental intent of the product concept. Their knowledge of product ideation and design processes is exemplary and their ability to see and address technical concerns early in the product development cycle is an invaluable asset. I would gladly hire Trig again."

Ken Hogue, Medical Team Leader at Porticos, Inc.

" It was a great experience working with Ty and his team. They were very professional. The ideation session was well thought-out, having a variety of activities to keep things interesting and to get you to think about the problem differently with each activity, and with clearly defined goals. They helped create an environment that was light and fun allowing for a free flow of ideas.

Dax Allen, Director of Marketing at Liberty Hardware

"Conventional wisdom of working with design firms says that we need to all be in the room together; Trig challenges that convention through their investment in digital collaboration tools and methodologies that drive a more efficient and effective process.  I am very happy with my decision to partner with Trig Innovation.  The unique ability to ‘test’ Trig versus a traditional firm showed that they are competing at the level of top-tier design groups, that their disruptive business model is highly effective and that Trig’s more digital innovation process can produce a better result."


We connect geographically diverse stakeholders

PIONEERS OF Digital Collaboration

We're digital natives. Our virtual model allows you to fully engage in our journey. Not only do you see exactly what we're up to, you're all aboard as well.

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