Don't just make products. Design experiences.



Human-Centered Design 



Industrial design isn’t about arriving at a finished product through some predetermined process.

Industrial design involves seamless conversation across all phases of any project, allowing any one phase to influence any other. Trig’s end result is a unique experience that is driven by insights and truly built with People in mind, every step of the way.


Our Guidebook to Design History File Ready Ideation


The inspiration for creating DHF Ready Ideation was to develop a toolset intended to support the creative work done prior to implementing design controls, while at the same time, capturing it, thus streamlining this transition. The results have not just met, but surpassed that original intention. DHF Ready Ideation provides a platform to increase business success, user satisfaction, and minimize potential harms by encouraging innovators and designers to consider a holistic view of medical device product development and encourage an evolutionary iterative process along the entire journey.



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Multi-disciplinary designers


We’re a team of multi-disciplinary industrial designers & industry experts hungry to pursue the next big idea.

We’re obsessed with creating the next new best thing, and we’re not necessarily passionate about improving something “by just a little.” We believe that design is only worth doing when it’s going to make a big splash.



Galen Robertson
Chief Operating Officer
410 Medical

“We involved Trig very early in the process and they were a key development partner for LifeFlow. They were easy to communicate with, met their schedule and cost deliverables, and allowed us to quickly deliver a LifeFlow device which has been well received by clinicians. People frequently use the word ‘approachable’ to describe LifeFlow.  Trig’s work really enabled that from both a human factors and aesthetic perspective.”

Dax Allen
Director of Marketing
Liberty Hardware

"Conventional wisdom of working with design firms says that we need to all be in the room together; Trig challenges that convention through their investment in digital collaboration tools and methodologies that drive a more efficient and effective process.  I am very happy with my decision to partner with Trig Innovation.  The unique ability to ‘test’ Trig versus a traditional firm showed that they are competing at the level of top-tier design groups, that their disruptive business model is highly effective and that Trig’s more digital innovation process can produce a better result."

Phillip Laby
Co-founder and CTO Project Moray

“One key to forming a successful venture is to involve, the talent and resources needed to form a common vision at an early stage. To define this vision, it is essential to create materials that focus a team, educates potential investors, and that helps frame the company’s narrative. Trig’s talented, timely, and cost effective group played an essential role for Project Moray by providing industrial design efforts and producing graphical representations of the Moray vision and future products.”

Ricky Spero
Co-founder and CEO
Redbud Labs

“It’s hard enough to be simultaneously creative and fast. But with Trig we went one step further, designing a product that sends exactly the right message. Redbud Stage is intuitive, sophisticated, and practical—just like our products, our technology, and our team.”