Innovation History of Trig's Logo Development

By Samantha Harr | 4 Minute Read

Ten years of business has taken Trig through many changes in the pursuit of growth. One of the best ways for a company to showcase shifting corporate values and service expansions is to design a fresh new logo. A logo should represent the very nature of a company’s culture. Take a look with us into the logos of Trig-past to explore our branding evolution.

Trig Innovation Old Logo

In The Beginning

The first logo was often seen in black and white as well as the full color version pictured here. The original idea was to project a sense of having a toolbox of skills that Trig can provide to clients. One of the often repeated sayings around Trig is that we aren’t trying to be “something for everyone” but instead we aim to be “everything to someone.” Gridded squares represent the skills available to that certain someone who can benefit fully from the Trig service lines.

A New Era

Industrial designer Patrick Murphy upgraded Trig’s logo look in 2014 to the triple chevron style we all know and love today. The original iteration of this design contained color gradients in green, orange, and purple which we continue to use as logo colors today. The color choice was made because they are not primary which speaks to our history of never specializing in just one single thing. Our full-service line of offerings incorporates a blend of talents.

Trig Innovation Logo 2

Now and Beyond

The year 2016 brought further development to the logo direction by brand manager Connie Tran. The triple chevron look stayed but with an updated flat-surface look, simplifying and clarifying the visual brand language. Each department (Insight, Design, and Brand) is neatly represented.

Trig Logo Chalk Board Style
Trig Logo Contemporary Full Color

The full color version retains the 2nd generation’s green, orange, and purple. When Trig acquired the Trig web domain, the 3rd generation logo received a .com optional addition for promotional purposes.

What will the 4th generation Trig logo look like? There are no plans to rebrand at this time, but it’s always fun to speculate. No matter what’s in store, we’re sure it will be fantastic.

Trig Dot Com Logo Development