Trig Innovation Welcomes Morgan House to Brand Strategy Team

We are very proud to welcome Morgan House to the brand strategy team at Trig Innovation. 

Morgan is a champion flat water kayaker training for the 2012 Olympics in London while completing his degree in marketing from Ashford University.  During his stint at Trig Innovation, Morgan will be working on a cross-functional team with principal Ty Hagler, brand strategist Brian Castle, and industrial designer Patrick Murphy (more on Patrick to come soon).  His work will encompass many functional areas within the marketing aspect of product development and innovation management, including public relations, social media, customer research, and competitive benchmarking.

Morgan and Ty have a very personal connection, dating back to their time together at the training site for the kayaking competition for the 1996 Olympiad in Atlanta—the Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club in their hometown of Gainesville, GA.  While Morgan was breaking US records for junior paddlers and becoming the first junior champion at the Pan American Games, Ty was earning recognition as a senior paddler from his performance at the 2003 World Championships.

We have already seen evidence that Morgan’s athletic prowess and accomplishments are translating directly to his professional performance as well.  He brings a lot to the table—creative problem-solving, team skills, discipline, attention to detail, and an outstanding work ethic—all fundamental values to the Trig team.  In the past, Trig has sponsored Morgan’s fundraising efforts to support his amateur athletics career, but this year we wanted to create a special opportunity that would be a win-win for Morgan and Trig.  That special opportunity is a partnership with three beneficiaries—Morgan can grow professionally, Trig grows as a company, and the US Olympic team has an athlete who can remain focused on the task at hand, winning in London next year.

“Morgan has demonstrated incredible perseverance in continuing his Olympic dream despite the economic difficulties in finding funds to train full time,” stated Hagler. “While I was able to earn a spot in the Olympic Job Opportunities Program with the marketing department at The Home Depot, Morgan hasn’t had that kind of opportunity due to cuts in both funding and participating sponsors.  The OJOP provided me with an opportunity to compete as an amateur and feed my family, but, more importantly, it launched my career as a designer, product developer, and, ultimately, as an entrepreneur.  It’s my sincere hope and honor that we can be that kind of springboard for Morgan, too.  I’ve been inspired by Morgan’s character and work ethic since meeting him in 1996, when he was an eight-year-old, at the training facility, and that inspiration has never wavered.”


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