Trig Innovation Launches New Sculpting Services

Industrial Designer carves a pumpkin

Trig Innovation is pleased to announce the launch of a new set of services aimed at multiple industries—product modeling through sculpting and carving.

Spearheaded by industrial designer Patrick Murphy, the new sculpting and carving services aim to take products and their branding to a new level of realism, escaping the more esoteric impressions made by other services like 3D CAD sculpting and animation. An even greater application of the services is working on behalf of service companies beleaguered by their lack of tangible offerings.  Sculpting and carving, particularly through a food medium, elevates the brands of companies delivering intangibles in many unforeseen ways, according to Murphy.

“This new service embodies one of our core values, inspiration,” stated Murphy.  My wife, Mandie, and I recently returned from our honeymoon. After posting hundreds of pictures of our trip to San Francisco on Facebook, we purchased some pumpkins in advance of the Halloween holiday.  

Tired from our afternoon at the pumpkin patch, we sat down and watched an old YouTube clip of the vintage game show with Love Boat-style cameos, Hollywood Squares.  Then, in a fit of inspiration, I just started working on a design of a grid of squares. It was kind of abstract at first, just me playing with geometry a bit, trying to capture the perfect square through repetition in this new medium.  Then, lo and behold, after several minutes whiling away with my knife set, I had carved out the Trig Innovation brand mark that I see so often during the day, as well as in my sleep.

Trig Innovation logo in a pumpkin

The results are magnificent. At Trig, we like to say that we ‘eat our own dog food,’ meaning that we like to test out new ideas on ourselves before rolling out to clients. And our initial reaction to this is that it tastes even better than our dog food.”

Ty Hagler, principal at Trig Innovation, was thrilled with the result. “This says so much about the direction our company is taking to do inspiring work, and I couldn’t be happier with Patrick’s maiden voyage into the world of sculpting.  Prior to this effort, Patrick had been limited to the drafting table and computer screen.  He’s such an ace with the traditional aspects of industrial design—everything from renderings to 3D CAD modeling—as well as his burgeoning skill set in the world of animation.  While clients have been thrilled with his work, both as an individual and collaborating with me on ID projects and Lauren Kvalheim on animation stuff, I had been pushing Patrick to take his game to the next level, really, the next dimension.  I think he took me literally on that, and, in this case, I appreciate his literalism. Once again, Patrick is pushing our boat forward.”

For more information on Trig Innovation’s new suite of services in sculpting and carving, contact us on our website. Patrick is eager to sculpt and carve with other food items, including squash, zucchini, and melons of all persuasions.